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1.3 Out-of-Area Safeguarding Adults Arrangements

It is recognised there is an increased risk of Abuse or Neglect to Adults at Risk, whose care arrangements occur across agency boundaries. Such situations may arise for example where commissioning responsibility for a person lies with one local authority (LA) area, but where concerns about potential Abuse and/or exploitation subsequently arise in another area where they are placed. The terms Host Authority (the LA or NHS body in the area where the Abuse has occurred) and Placing Authority (commissioning LA or NHS body for the individual) are used in such circumstances.

The responsibility for responding to allegations of Abuse lies with the local authority where the Abuse took place. This will be the case even if the Adult at Risk has been placed by another local authority or is only in the area temporarily.

See: ADASS Out-of-Area Safeguarding Adults Arrangements 2016.