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3.6 Child Protection

When undertaking enquiries following adult abuse referrals and working with adults at risk, agencies and staff must always consider the potential impact this may have on the welfare and safety of any children being cared for in the environment of concern.

Required Action

If a member of staff is concerned about a child/ren, they should:

  • Gather information on the basic details of children living in or visiting the environment;
  • Identify any concerns arising for the child’s welfare or safety, that is if there is a Child in Need or suffering, or likely to suffer, Significant Harm;
  • If the child is at immediate risk the Police should always be contacted;
  • Child Protection concerns should be passed immediately to Children’s Social Care;
  • All information must be recorded in accordance with individual agency policy.

Agencies must ensure that all staff are aware of and adhere to the Plymouth Safeguarding Children Board Procedures.

For further information and specialist advice, staff should consult their agency lead for safeguarding children, or the Child Protection Co-ordinator in Plymouth Children, families and childcare Services.