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Plymouth Multi-Agency Adult Safeguarding Policy and Procedures - Contents

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This contents list is sub divided into the following sections, each section contains relevant Chapters/Procedures (click on the title to jump to the section you require):

  1. Context and Introduction
  2. Safeguarding Framework
  3. Guidance and Related Information
  4. Library
  5. Appendices

1. Context and Introduction

1.1 Introduction  
1.2 Values and Principles: Making Safeguarding Personal  
1.3 Out-of-Area Safeguarding Adults Arrangements  
1.4 Plymouth Safeguarding Adults Board  
1.5 Roles and Responsibilities  
1.6 Mental Capacity  
1.7 Safeguarding Adults and Human Rights  
1.8 Deprivation of Liberty  
1.9 Out of Hours Service  
1.10 H. M. Coroner  

2. Safeguarding Framework

2.1 Safeguarding Framework Flowchart  
2.2 Adult Safeguarding Framework Explained  
2.3 Multi-Agency Pathway Protocol  
2.4 Adult Safeguarding Enquiry Guidance  
2.5 Involving Commissioning in Safeguarding Enquiries  
2.6 Gaining Access to an Adult Suspected to be at Risk of Neglect or Abuse  
2.7 Involving Service Providers in the Safeguarding Adults Process  
2.8 Risk Management, Self Neglect and Hoarding Policy & Guidance Updated
2.9 Large Scale and Whole Service Concerns  
2.10 Escalation Process to Resolve Professional Disagreement  
2.11 Complaints about the Safeguarding Process  

3. Guidance and Related Information

3.1 Categories of Abuse  
3.2 Allegations Against Persons in a Position of Trust  
3.3 Carers  
3.4 Abuse by Another Adult at Risk  
3.5 Domestic Violence and Abuse  
3.6 Child Protection  
3.7 Transitional Safeguarding New
3.8 Direct Payments  
3.9 Safer Recruitment Guidance Updated
3.10 Education and Training (Plymouth Safeguarding Adults Board Training Information)  
3.11 Information Sharing Updated
3.12 Whistleblowing  
3.13 Ensuring Quality in Provider Services  
3.14 Care Quality Commission  
3.15 Advocates  
3.16 Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)  
3.17 Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC)  
3.18 Disclosure and Barring Service  
3.19 Safeguarding Adult Reviews  
3.20 Office of the Public Guardian  

4. Library



  Care Act 2014  
  Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004  
  Data Protection Act 1998  
  Equality Act 2010  
  Freedom of Information Act 2000  
  Health and Social Care Act 2012  
  Human Rights Act 1998  
  Mental Capacity Act 2005  
  Mental Health Act 1983  
  Mental Health Act 2007  
  Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999  
  The Serious Crime Act 2015  
  Modern Slavery Act 2015  
  Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 – Offence of Wilful Neglect  



National Guidance

  Care and Support Statutory Guidance 2016  
  Making Safeguarding Personal 2013  
  Information Sharing in Adult Safeguarding  
  National Council for Voluntary Organisations Safeguarding Advice New
  Handling Safeguarding Allegations in a Charity New
  Dept. of Health & Social Care National Framework: Pressure Ulcers and Safeguarding Protocol Guidance January 2018  
  Living Well With Dementia: A National Dementia Strategy 2011  
  Mental Capacity Act 2005 - Code of Practice 2007  
  Mental Capacity Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards - Supplementary Code of Practice IMCA 2008  
  Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat: Improving Outcomes for People Experiencing Mental Health Crisis 2014  
  Report of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Inquiry 2013  
  Transforming Care: A National response to Winterbourne View Hospital 2012  
  Valuing People (Learning Disabilities): A New Strategy for Learning Disability for the 21st Century 2001  
  Channel and Prevent Guidance 2015  
  Gaining Access to an Adult Suspected to be At Risk of Neglect or Abuse: A Guide for Social Workers and their Managers in England SCIE 2014  
  ADASS Out-of-Area Safeguarding Adults Arrangements 2016  

5. Appendices

5.1 Local Contacts  
5.2 Local Keywords  
5.3 Amendments